Project Retake

by DOUG the Eagle

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This album was put out to celebrate the 10th anniversary of DOUG the Eagle.

It contains a selection of my favourite tracks from the first four albums which have been carefully rerecorded using the 24-track facilities I could only dream of when the first album was produced. So, same songs, but with better technology, 10 years more experience and far, far less autotune.

Like many artists revisiting older works, I have succumbed to the temptation to make changes, but at the same time I've been bitten myself by artists meddling with things they should probably have left alone. Of the songs I have rerecorded, the one most affected was 'Return to Babel', with an extended intro that I had been thinking of using if it was ever performed live (not so far!). I also used a digital freeze pedal on most of the vocals - which is how I would have done it on the 2004 recording if I'd had that capability then.

Personally I think it draws about the right balance between changing things that needed changing, and staying true to the original. (And yes, all those weird and wonderful background noises and samples were transferred unaltered from the original 8-track tape).

The CD booklet can be found here:


released May 6, 2014



Track Name: Quest for the Sacred Jaguar (2014)
The Quest for the Sacred Jaguar
(Original recording appears on 'A Day at the People Factory', 2005)

I've climbed up mountains, I've climbed up trees
I climbed the cliffs and felt the cool wind's icy breeze
I've got to find them, no matter where they are
I've got to win my quest to find the sacred jaguar

I've climbed up waterfalls, I swam through lakes
I've got to find that lair no matter what it takes
I need to find the beast as dark as midnight flower
I have to find the cat who has that magic healing power

As night falls, I feel the Moon Darkness come upon me.
My flesh crawls and I become as a beast myself.
This orange-hued fur makes a fox of me, but in this wild
land, I am the prey, not the hunter. They say that the only
known cure is to confront the mystical jaguar found only
in far distant lands and to seek his blessing... or his curse.

I found a forest clearing, I saw the One
I found the jaguar reclining in the sun

I knelt before the beast and got down on my knees
I begged the jaguar to help me cure my strange disease

"Though I heard no words, I knew that the sacred jaguar had heard my plea. With a gesture, he led me away to another clearing where his disciples were already gathered to prepare for the mystic rite. The stars shifted to reveal the heavens of another world in the sky above me. Purple flames were all around me as the ritual began!"

"As the light of three moons shone down upon me, I changed again, but this time my flesh was re-made in the image of the Sacred Jaguar himself. I heard the silent voices of the acolytes, as they welcomed me, the newest disciple, to their flock. As they led me away, the jaguars told me of the powers I soon would wield, to join them as one of the ancient, immortal guardians of the cosmos."
Track Name: Return to Babel (2014)
Return to Babel
(Original recording appears on 'A Day at the People Factory', 2005)

He loves
He loves to see you
He loves to see you suffer
He wanna see you suffer
We suffer

We will
We will return
We will return to Babel
Return to Babel
Return to Babel

I come
I come to claim you
I come to claim you, human
I claim you, human
I come to claim you

Track Name: Young Human (2014)
Young Human
(Original recording appears on 'Songs for the Wild-at-Heart', 2006)
For those who frolic in the woods

There was a young human who lived on a farm
He lived on fresh mangoes and ham without harm
(even when there was no 'R' in the month)

He tended his crops and he gathered the hay
And he fought with the beasts
When they came out to play

No fun for everyone
Because of the young human
No fun for everyone
Because of the young human

The beasts tried to temper his violence with bribes
They offered him wülfgeld - he threatened their lives
So the beasts met to gather a council of war
To teach the young man-thing what beasties were for

More fun for everyone
In spite of the young human
More fun for everyone
In spite of the young human

Well the battle raged on
For two nights and two days
And the beasts bit the man
'till he mended his ways
So all you young creatures
Come listen to me
Live life as you feel it
And not as you see

life feel see
Track Name: Borderline (2014)
(Original recording appears on 'Songs for the Wild-at-Heart', 2006)

“Now could I drink hot blood, and do such bitter business as the day would quake to look on!”
-- Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

We're on the thing grey line where no-one wants to be
Between right and wrong - the one who's wrong is me
If I could only see

We walk the razor's edge between mad and sane
If there was just a way to walk back again
We go against the grain

If you dislike your form, it's not for me to deem
If it is right or wrong to choose the way you seem
That is the furry dream

A man becomes a beast
An egg becomes a spider
A wolf is just a dog
A cat is just a tiger
...what am I?

Man, beast, bird, machine
Or maybe something in between
What we are is undefined
We all live on the borderline
Track Name: Crystaltopia (2014)
(Original recording appears on 'The Mythical Creatures Exhibition', 2007)

Things cannot be the way they seem
It's like I fell into a dream

Track Name: Vampires in reverse (2014)
Vampires in Reverse
(Original recording appears on 'The Mythical Creatures Exhibition', 2007)

The Sun is the Sin

We live by night and we sleep by day
Against the fear it's the only way
Beneath the stars we do everything
We cannot face what the day will bring

Day's not right
We live beneath the cover of the night
Fear the bright
They say the Devil gave us all the light

We plough the fields and we mow the hay
We do by night what we did by day
Before they came we were glad and free
But now the sun is our enemy
Track Name: The Shadow over Merthyr (2014)
The Shadow Over Merthyr
(Original recording appears on 'Pancake Ferret, 2008)
With apologies to Bal Sagoth, and the inhabitants of Merthyr Tydfil

I had heard many tales of Merthyr Tydfil, tales of lootings... car crimes... evil cults that worshipped Cthulu... but I dismissed these as mere foolish superstition.

At the time I had no interest in this place, shunned and feared as it was by its neighbours, until a private matter took me to the Brecon Beacons. My train stranded by the wrong kind of leaves on the line, I was forced to seek shelter in a hotel in Merthyr. It was a night I would not soon forget...

Tossing and turning that night, I found myself unable to sleep in the uncomfortable bed in my hotel. As I went to find another pillow I became aware of noises in the corridor outside my room, the sounds of prowling footsteps and hushed voices. The whispering of ancient tongues... nighted creatures who had been sent to bring me before their dark master!

What ancient evil creatures flee before the sunshine?
What loathsome nighted horrors dwell beneath the coalmine?
What sinistrous powers lurk 'neath fear-shadowed Merthyr?

Gathering my wits and what possessions I could cram into my valise, I plotted my escape from shadowed Merthyr Tydfil.

Fleeing the hotel by means of the fire escape, I promptly found myself trapped within a darkened alleyway. From out of the shadows came the minions of darkness, their suits visible only as black shimmering against black, they dragged struggling into the depths of the ancient and disused coal-mine.

But I could see that struggling was of no use, so I did not resist as the darkling creatures drew me before the throne of the Taxman!

Such horrors that lurk unseen beneath the town... such evil!

The remnants of my sanity... lashed by P60s!
Track Name: What did Daniel think he was? (2014)
What did Daniel think he was...?
(Original recording appears on 'Pancake Ferret', 2008)

His name is Daniel Ti'Fiona, his mother was a succubus
And when he found her genes had carried, he didn't view that as a plus
His parents never got to tell him, they left him when he was a child.
And when he found he was a Demon, that was the last day that he smiled.

What did Daniel think he was? He should have worked it out because
He lost the need to sleep and eat - the price of power is far from sweet

He didn't know he was a Creature, he thought his wings were just for show
And now he knows that he's not mortal, it left him really feeling low
He's got the power to read your feelings, he's got the power to steal your soul
But powers come with heavy burdens, he's frightened he might lose control

And now his life will change because he's just discovered what he was
He thought he was this normal guy, but really he's a 'cubi

“...why of course not! I just love the idea that I'm now destined to become a part of the Demon race!”
“I think you're overreacting a bit...”
“There are freaking WINGS coming out of my head! I get every right to overreact!”
“Aw, Dan... cheer up. I'm sure things will turn out okay. After all, you now have hundreds of years to come to terms with the change!”

“This definitely is a big change in my life... I guess I'll have to live with it. And outlive everyone I've ever cared about... added to the fact that I'll likely start hunting others... and then be hunted down by other adventurers... Or does it actually change who I am?”

Perhaps he thought he was an Angel, his wings are feathered as should be
He didn't have a 'Cubi clan-mark on any place that he could see
His name is Daniel Ti'Fiona, his mother was a succubus
And now he knows that he's a 'Cubi, no point in kicking up a fuss

And now his life's improved because he's come to terms with what he was
Of all the things we can't escape, we have no fate but what we make
Track Name: Black Mass in B Minor (2014)
Black Mass in B-Minor

"...I couldn't care less what you were doing in that dinky little lab of yours. It's not my concern what goes on there. However. You hurting my wife's feelings by not hugging her IS.
"You see, hurting sweet Nutmeg is something I cannot forgive. So listen well, Jyrras Gianna!
"One day you shall know despair. You shall know misery. You shall know regret. Until that time, you shall wear these marks as a warning.
"In the meantime, however.... care for a cookie? Yes...? No...?
"...They always refuse for some reason."
Track Name: ZooCity (remix)
(Original mix appears on 'The Mythical Creatures Exhibition', 2007)

Centuries of radiation and war
Can turn a man into an animal
Every city has its own history
The future's known, the past is a mystery

We are the ones (Your future self)
We are the ones (Our living hell)
We are the only city in the world – Zoo City

Evil mutant, in our main power plant
Just your bad luck, to press the self-destruct
Here the mob come, pick yourself up and RUN!

We are the ones (Your future self)
We are the ones (Our living hell)
We are the only city in the world – Zoo City

Five year exile, you can rest for a while
Sort out your life, you can't escape from strife
The whole world to roam, but there's no place like home.

We are the ones (Your future self)
We are the ones (Our living hell)
We are the only city in the world – Zoo City

After centuries of radioactive pollution and nuclear wars
Only one city in the whole world still resists the attacks
of mutants and alien invasions. Welcome.. to ZooCity!

We are the ones (Your future self)
We are the ones (Our living hell)
We are the only city in the world – Zoo City