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At Last, the 2019 Album

by DOUG the Eagle

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Time Tunnel 10:40
Time... Travelling through time... 1968, love in the air and it feels so great Groovy is the word Live how you are and just ignore the herd 1973 and things are cool If you have got the bread you need to pay for fuel 1983 goes by Home computers multiply Time... Travelling through time... (1991) And Lo, brandishing axes and swords they came, The Acolytes of Byron did descend into the shadows halls of... The Academy The year is 1996 – the gods of metal smile on thee By XP-50 and M1, the stage is set for victory And thus did the Acolytes of Byron march forth From that sacred place, bearing songs in their arms And victory in the hearts! 2003, 2003, 2003... (Excerpt from ‘The Murder Game’, 2013) Time... Travelling through time...
Monarch 04:54
Monarch “If I was a rich man” – that’s passe Doesn’t cut the mustard much today But there’s larger dreams to dream If I was a Psychotically evil absolute monarch All the things that I could do! No more corruption, no more lies You’ll do as I tell you if you’re wise And I have no time for fools No more elections, no more fluff You’ll do as I tell you - and that’s tough ‘Cause I’m writing all the rules If I was a Psychotically evil absolute monarch All the things that I could do! You will kneel before me, or if not, Get sent to the dungeons where you rot You’ll obey my every will Citizens shall bow as I pass by As I have decreed, or they shall die I have time and lives to kill If I was a Psychotically evil absolute monarch ...Thank your lucky stars I’m not.
Mainframe 03:18
Pole Song When the M1 was released in the late 80s, to critical acclaim, It introduced a number of signature sounds, Which became staples of dance and techno. One of these was the ‘Pole’, But I have no idea what you were supposed to do with it. So I made something up. Let’s do The Pole... we’ll make some broken rock’n’roll! Let’s do The Pole... we’ll make some broken rock’n’roll! The successor to the M1 was supposed to be called the M10, But someone from marketing saw it written upside-down. When the product was launched, it was called the 01W. Let’s do The Pole... we’ll make some broken rock’n’roll!


This, my 17th album, mostly recorded from 2018-2019. With Retake 2 and things unravelling a bit in 2020 it took longer to finish than I'd intended, but here we are. "Psycho Sailor" was originally intended for release on the Illiath album, but space constraints meant it wouldn't fit so it went back on the shelf for a few years.
The centrepiece of the album is "Time Tunnel" which was an experiment in different musical styles and a fun excuse to go hog-wild with the Korg N1 sound effects library. "Mainframe" was written as music for a game project, but it turned out quite nice so I put it on the album anyway.

All songs recorded on 2” 24-track.

PDF CD booklet is available here: dougtheeagle.com/2019/atlast2019.pdf


released April 7, 2021

All songs written and performed by J. P. Morris, Copyright (C)2018-2020
Recorded using the Old Ways at The Lab, Cwmbran 2018, 2019 and 2020. All songs recorded on 2” 24-track on SM900 tape, Mixed Dec 2020 on ATR tape.

Mastering by Alex Balzama at Swift Solutions, Mar 2021

Greetings go out to Ren, Sofox, Merlin and co.
Thanks go out to the Rosegarden team, to Brian Roth and all at RTM, ATR, MRL and co for keeping the analogue dream alive.
Cover by Merlin Missingham, logo by Turnsky.
Apologies go out to "At Last, The 1948 Show"




DOUG the Eagle Cwmbran, UK

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