More Songs About Demons

by DOUG the Eagle

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This is my seventh album, recorded from 2009-2010.

My favourite track have to be the opening track, "Niall's Song", inspired by a picture I commissioned of one of the demon characters from my webcomic and providing a quick summary of his beliefs (and hobby, as you might call it). "Demonhunter", the last track, is another of my favourites, taking up once again the theme of someone setting out to fight the demon menace, only to discover that they fall into that demographic themselves. In all honesty I wondered if it was too similar to 'Daniel LaGrange' on the last album, but I think it turned out well.

"Anathema" - I suspect some people will figure out the fairly thin references in that song. "Super Funk Time" was actually written for the DMFA radio series project, but people seemed to like it for its own sake so I included it here.

All tracks were recorded on 8-track tape at 15ips except 1, 2 & 7, which were recorded 16­track using two synced tape machines.
Additional credits:
Mastering was done by Alex Balzama at Swift Solutions, London, March 2011. Thanks once again!

Production thanks go out to Jay, Keaton, Wuff and Ren for their help and support in making this album. Cover art by Sergei 'Ren' Steblinskyi. The Abel on the bonus track was played by Jay, thanks again for the help! DOUG the Eagle logo by Luke Turner.


released April 8, 2011

Cover art by Sergei 'Ren' Steblinskyi, Abel voiced by Jay



Track Name: Niall's Song
Niall's Song - From the Chronicles of Jakob Pettersohn

There was a great war, for thousands of years
It took my species to the brink of destruction
It left us hated, they think we're all monsters
They try to lynch us for the slightest infraction

They say we number about 40'000
­If we were wildlife they'd try to preserve us
Things are not hopeless, our numbers are rising
But every execution makes me feel nervous

What would I do to save another of my race?
Why should I keep their laws when justice is defaced?
Maybe I'm a dreamer, but my back's against the wall...
I can't allow another head to fall.

When I was younger, still only a child
They tried to hang me as some "servant of darkness"
My father saved me and since I was rescued
I've turned my thoughts towards the plight of the helpless

I've heard a rumour from some distant village
My spies have told me of a person in danger
They plan to kill him because he is different
His crime was just to be a wandering stranger

I saw them bind him with enchantments so he couldn't escape
I saw them making up the evidence to charge him with rape
They strapped him onto the platform, they raised the blade upon high
And as the prosecutor lied I realised I couldn't leave him to die

The crowd went silent as the prosecutor gazed at the skies
Their victim's life began to flash before his watering eyes
I saw them pulling the lever, that's when I set off the charge
And as the guillotine exploded there were loads of angry people at large

My name is Niall, I've made it my mission
To save my people from unjust persecution
I risk my own life but I think it's worth it
­If I can even stop just one execution

What would I do to save another of my race?
Why should I keep their laws when justice is defaced?
Maybe I'm a dreamer, but my back's against the wall..
I can't allow another head to fall.
Track Name: This is a Triangle
Track Name: Get Your Facts Right
Let me tell you 'bout Davy Jones
He turned some sailors into heaps of bones
Then he ran naked 'round the sacred stones
And that's all we know about madman Jones

You don't know squat, is that all you got?
Spare me this rot,
Get off the pot and get your facts right

Let me tell you 'bout Einstein, son
He stole some theories with a loaded gun
When they found out he had to cut and run
That's all we know about Einstein, son.

You don't know Jack, all this is cack
You're out of whack
So just cut the slack and get your facts right

Let me tell you 'bout Buddha crucified
He spread dissent and he stole and lied
He killed a fig tree then he died
And that's all we know about Buddha crucified

Have you gone mad? Or just been had?
You make me sad
Be a good lad and get your facts right
Track Name: Anathema
Brothers and Sisters, the strictures of the Discipline are the lifeblood of our Order – without them, we are nothing.
It is known that it is not easy to uphold them at all times – those who have strayed must do penance.
Yet there will be some whose deeds are a poison, a disease which must be cast from the Order.
Alas, there is one such man among us today, but the Discipline must be enforced.

Daryil, you have left the path of wisdom, and so you must be cast from
the Order. Have you any words before you are thrown back...?

"Cast away like a broken cup to an existential void
Your bodies and your minds will be destroyed!"

You are anathema to us, your threats will avail you nothing!
The power of our faith will protect us – you are no longer of the Order.

As head of our order it gives me no pleasure to do this, but the Discipline must be enforced. We have no choice.

Daryil, you have chosen the path of folly, no longer shall you be Brother to us. Have you any final words of repentance?

"I don't take rejection well and it leaves me quite annoyed
Their bodies and their minds have been destroyed!"
Track Name: Super Funk Time
Track Name: Return Ticket to Heaven
Track Name: Demonhunter
In the blinking of an eye, as the daylight starts to die,
Then the hunt begins once more
They only seem to hunt at night, they never come in broad daylight
To our village by the shore
I've never lived a violent life, but with a sword and hunting knife
I've taken up the fighter's trade
I cannot just stand idly by as my friends and neighbours die
I'll make those demons feel afraid

Demonhunter, noble demonhunter, payback time
What do you do when your prey becomes the hunter?

Ever searching high and low, where even Angels fear to go
I found a cave as dark as night
And with no mercy in my mind ­ for I'm the scourge of demonkind
I entered spoiling for a fight
And as I crossed the threshold door, the demons pinned me to the floor
But left the weapon at my side
They took me to a dungeon wing, where demons formed a sparring ring
To test my foolish mortal pride

(Dances with Demons)

"Why do you fight us, when you're my son?"

Demonhunter, former demonhunter, demon son
Demonhunter, fallen demonhunter, I'm undone
What do you do when you're the monster you've hunted?

In the blinking of an eye, as the daylight starts to die, then the hunt begins anew
With the wings upon my back, and my horns of shining black, I have to flee from all I knew

Demonhunter, former demonhunter, child of lies
Demonhunter, fallen demonhunter, Compromised
What do you do when you're the monster you've hunted?


Hidden Track (from the DMFA radio project)

"Your Mom was a freaking evil psycho! She taught torture, she taught murder, she taught rape and all the nastiest things 'Cubi have their bad reputation for!
"Destania was possibly the coldest creature to ever exist in SAIA, devoid of any compassion. I'm amazed you weren't born with frostbite! Your Mom wasn't evil, she wrote the book on it! Are you too scared to read it? YOU SHOULD BE."