Evil Songs for Evil People

by DOUG the Eagle

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Here is my twelfth effort - Evil Songs for Evil People.

The studio underwent significant upgrades to add a 2" 24-track machine as the centrepiece. In addition, the Cheetah MS6 failed and so far has not been able to be resuscitated, the Korg Triton was replaced by a combination of a Hammond SK-1 and Alesis DM10 on drum duty. In addition, a Waldorf string machine was added to the mix, and as such the sound has changed somewhat..
On the downside, I ran out of leave at work and the mixing ended up somewhat more rushed than was perhaps sensible. Even so, I hope you like it.

Recorded using the Old Ways at The Lab, Cwmbran 2014-2015
Mixed 21-22 Dec. 2015. Mastering by Alex Balzama at Swift Solutions, Feb 2016
Greetings go out to Keaton, Ren, Wuff, Chaosmage, Sofox, Merlin and co.
Thanks go out to the Rosegarden team, to all at RMGI, ATR, MRL and co for keeping the analogue dream alive. Apologies to Richard Brautigan.
Cover by Merlin Missingham, logo by Luke Turner. Organ recorded at St. Grod’s. Album recorded on SM911 tape, mixed to ATR Mastering tape.

The PDF booklet can be found here: www.dougtheeagle.com/esfep/evil_songs.pdf


released March 19, 2016

All tracks written and performed by J. P. Morris, 2014-2015



Track Name: Tigers with Beautiful Voices

As I was walking down the main street
On a Wednesday
Watching people cook a watermelon stew
The thought of food was a distraction
A reminder, that there was something I forgot to do
And as I crossed the bridge back home,
I found a note pinned to my shack
It had the pawprint of a tiger
And the words “We’re coming back”

They are not evil, it’s just something they have to do
Tigers with beautiful voices are coming for you

Singing songs, which have words you won’t remember
Righting wrongs, now those days are gone for ever
Come the day, yes you’ve tried to circumvent it
All the way, but you know you can’t prevent it
Maybe you think that you don’t serve a master
What we do is to save all from disaster
Soon you’ll learn, though you thought we’d all been slaughtered
We’ll return – to restore the natural order

As I was walking by the river, on a Friday
Watching idly as the wind blew through the trees
I turned my mind back to the Tigers, and as I stood there
I’m sure I heard a voice upon the breeze
And I as crossed the bridge back home, lit up by lanterns glowing bright
I turned my mind back to the Tigers and that final, fatal night

Did you think, that we kill things for no reason?
It’s the brink of disaster’s final season
Hear our cry, what you’ve done is no solution
You can try – but you can’t stop evolution

Tigers with beautiful voices are coming for you
Next generation
your children
will be
tigers too
Track Name: Milkman

I was feeling sleepy, I had to go to bed
I lay down on my pillow to rest my weary head
I woke up in the morning, I dunno where I am
But I open up my eyes and I see – The Milkman

It’s The Milkman
Red top, green top, gold top
He’s coming for you

I was in a panic, I had to get away
I dunno what he wanted
But it wasn’t safe to stay
I walked around the dairy
To find a place to hide
But it didn’t really matter
‘cause he knew I was inside

I leaned on a milk crate
It fell down with a crash
The Milkman was distracted
So I had to make a dash
He very nearly caught me
But I had to keep on running
You better hide away
‘Cause The Milkman’s coming

It’s The Milkman
Red top, green top, gold top
He’s coming for you
Track Name: Red Queen Rising

I’m the Lady, or perhaps I’m a man
It makes no difference
When you’re in charge of a clan
You wouldn’t like me
When I’m feeling annoyed
But you’ll obey me.
...or I’ll have you destroyed

I’m the mistress of darkness
The princess of pain
I’d rip out your eyes
And then your soul and your brain
I’m the priestess of darkness
The patron of screams
The end of your sorrows
Your hopes and your dreams

I’m the Messiah – I hear the gods in my head
I send my armies to leave the Heretics dead
There’s nothing finer than to watch their heads roll
If you defy me, then I’ll devour your soul

And in my Garden of Delights (The heads are skewered onto poles)
Such wondrous sounds (A few more rebels lost their souls)
and wondrous sights
I like to lie beneath the trees (Dead bodies swing from every bough)
And feel my hair blow in the breeze (I think I’ll execute you NOW)

If you betray me, then all my people shall see,
As you’re beheaded, the fate of traitors to me
And it won’t stop there – for your final release
Your soul is eaten by my secret police
Track Name: Dreamkeepers (are real)

Another world has a reflection of you
To keep you safe from danger
You won't believe me but I tell you it's true
The truth gets even stranger
For there are beings in a sinister place
Who plan a new invasion
And just a handful of the Dreamkeeper race
Can balance that equation

And when the Nightmare comes they'll be the only ones
With a way to shut the door
And now the evil's come and they are on the run
And they are hiding from the law
Dreamkeepers are real

Dreamkeepers have a magical power
To aid them in their mission
But it's forbidden by the law of the tower
To use without permission
The legends tell about a terrible day
When nightmares came to plunder
Now things are moving in an ominous way
To tear the world asunder

What do you get when your enemy is there for all to see
But no-one will believe you?
What do you get when the highest highs have all been compromised
Don't let the world deceive you

A lonely orphan in a difficult place
The daughters of the ruler
Unlikely heroes for the Dreamkeeper race
The truth gets even cooler
Lord Void is rising and Nabonidus too
Is weak but growing stronger
And if our heroes can't decide what to do
Their world won't last much longer

And when the Nightmare comes they'll be the only ones
With a way to shut the door
And now the Evil's come and they are on the run
And they are hiding from the law
Dreamkeepers are real
Track Name: Overlord

This is the bit I like best, the bit where I slay all my foes
It gives me a thrill from my head to the tip of my toes
This is the bit I like best, the bit where they bow at my feet
It just goes to show my dominion is nearly complete

I’m evil, I’m evil, that’s all there is to say
I’m evil, I’m evil, I very nearly always get my way

I’m your Evil Overlord and you’ll do as I say
Otherwise you’ll never live to see another day
I’m your Evil Overlord and what I tell you goes
Or I might cut off your head, or maybe just your nose

This is the bit I like best, the bit where I give them the rope
It shows all my people rebellion has not got a hope
This is the bit I like least, the bit where I wake up at night
The bit where I wonder if what I have done isn’t right...

This is the bit I like best, the bit where I count all my gold
It makes me feel warm when outside it is snowy and cold

This is the bit I like best, the bit where I add a new tax
And if you can’t pay you get jailed or even the axe
This is the bit I like best, the bit where I pass a new law
To give to the rich and to help me in robbing the poor
Track Name: Jake, God of Lies and Stuff

Cabbages and oranges
Give power to my ever-faithful minions, my faithful minions
Confusion and illusion
Aren’t strong enough to change my foes’ opinions
Their fixed opinions
Feathers, leaves and faith are all you need
To make forbidden magic work – as Gods go, I’m a jerk

If you dare, then take a care
Since worshipping me brings you persecution, such persecution
If you’re caught, the trial’s short
And tends to end with public execution, grim execution
They might kill My followers but some they’ll never recognise...

Long ago (as some will know)
I tried to take control of all Creation
Yeah, all Creation
Now exiled I am reviled, my worshippers
Risk death and condemnation
Yeah, condemnation
If you kill My followers, you’ll find
Your nights are filled with screams

What you’ve done strikes me as fun
So I’ll reward you in my usual manner, my charming manner
I’ll change your ears, astound your peers
A curse that’s not a curse it’s more a banner, a noble banner
With your pranks you risk your life to worship me, I guess It’s kind of odd

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